Irvine Appliance Repair
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Warning: All repairs a better left to professionals. To avoid possible injury or further damage to the appliance please call us at (949) 207-7599. Before attempting any repair, make sure the appliance is disconnected from all sources of energy and gas.

Frankly, the only safe repair that the user of the appliance should attempt is making sure that the appliance is properly powered and that doors are properly closed. Some things to check for are described in the following dishwasher repair tips list. The procedure is very similar to other appliance repairs.

Dishwasher Repair:
You can't get the dishwasher repair to run.
Check for:
- Unlocked door.
- Timer or selector button in the wrong position.
- No power is reaching the unit.
- Defective door switch.
- Loose wires.
- Defective timer.

- Relock the door.
- Check the setting of both the timer and the selector button.
- Check the fuse box/circuit breaker.
- Check the door switch for damage.
- Check all the terminals on both the timer and the motor.
- Replace the timer.

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